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Eye Surgery

In-office surgical services include the following

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  • Corneal foreign body removal
  • Conjunctival foreign body removal
  • Eyelid foreign body removal
  • Eyelash epilation
  • Punctal dilation
  • Canalicular probing
  • Lacrimal duct closure
  • Removal of foreign body from the lacrimal passages

We provide the below services along with consultation and referrals for a variety of surgical procedures as see below:

  • We provide same-day emergency treatment for corneal foreign bodies.
  • Punctal dilation is an effective treatment for several types of ocular infection and excessive watering.
  • Closure of the lacrimal punctum is indicated in the treatment of various forms of ocular surface disease.
  • Tired of wearing glasses or contact lenses? Today, several surgical methods can correct your eyesight and, in most cases, give you the freedom of seeing well without corrective lenses.
  • Read what the FDA has to say about LASIK surgery, approved laser technology, and the risks and benefits associated with the procedure.
  • Procedure can reduce or eliminate the need for using eyedrops in patients with glaucoma.
  • Yag laser capsulotomies are performed by Dr. Fass.

  • Modern treatment options range from corneal cross-linking therapy to full-thickness corneal transplants. 
  • Over 40,000 corneal transplant surgeries are performed the United States each year.  Learn about the conditions that require treatment with corneal transplantation and the risks and benefits associated with the surgery.
  • All options exist.

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