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Read Our Reviews

I had such a wonderful experience with San Marcos TSO! Dr. Stansfield was such a pleasant and gentle doctor who communicates well, and his staff were amazingly patient and thorough. Thanks y'all!!
– Nakisha C.
Dear Staff of Dr. Stanfield, Thank you for fixing my glasses. I would have been walking around blind without them. I appreciate you taking the time out of your day to fix them.
– Colby J.
I loved it! It was a joy to come to your office. I am so happy I returned to TSO.
– Brenda S.
Dr. Stanfield and Cody are amazing. They explained everything to my husband and I about his eye condition.
– Bridgett W.
I have been going to eye doctors since the age of 9 and I have to say that I have never had a better experience and felt so comfortable. From the doctor to Estella who helped me with my order for contacts and glasses the experience was phenomenal! Thank you to everyone at TSO for making my visit great!

– Frank H.
I absolutely love my TSO! Dr. Stanfield and his staff are like family. Cody was very thorough and professional. Forgot my receipt but Suzy faxed it to me the next day when I called so I could file my cafeteria plan. Everything was exceptional. Thank you!
– Yvette W.

Visited today to have two (2) prescriptions filled. As soon as I walked in I was greeted by a lady named Tabby. What an absolute help she was. She treated me as if we had know each other for a long time. In truth, it was my first visit to TSO San Marcos, and to any TSO. She researched my insurance and guided me in making the most intelligent selections. Thanks, Tabby.
– Tom M.
My two sons & I had our eye exam on Thursday and Estella did such an amazing job seeing that we got the glasses that we wanted, explained insurance and made our visit a very pleasant & fun one!
– Dee S.
Estella did such an awesome job helping find exactly what I was looking for. Thank you..very satisfied customer.
– Suzie S.
Since moving to the area in 2004, TSO San Marcos & Dr. Stanfield have been my family's primary eye care provider. The staff is very friendly, compassionate & the office environment calm & inviting. I must admit that we haven't gone anywhere else, but that is due to the great service we've received since the beginning. An additional bonus is Dr. Stanfield's vision for missions, which is huge with my family.
– James M.
I received great treatment from Dr. Stanfield who went out of his way to make sure a difficult prescription for my contact lens worked just right.
– James C.
 Primary eye care provider for the last 4 years. Zero Problems.
– Anthony P.
LOVED TSO- San Marcos. It was my first time to ever go to an eye doctor and they were extremely nice and helpful. The contacts are overpriced but they do "price-matching", so if you do the research they will match it! I would recommend TSO to anyone!
– Anonymous
Great experience at TSO-San Marcos. First time there, but the people were great and the exam was very through and the equipment state of the art. Would recommend to a friend.
– Anonymous
I had a great experience at the San Marcos TSO. I have always had a problem with the glaucoma test because, for whatever reason, I just cannot deal with people & things touching my eyeball or getting suddenly and literally all up in my face, but they made it easy and painless at Dr. Stansfield's office. The last time I went to get my eyes checked, it was at a place in Austin and I had braced myself for the old puff-of-air-in-the-eye test, which I'd always hated, but I felt mentally prepared. I then found out they don't do that anymore, and the nurse was going to put 2 kinds of eyedrops in my eye and then I would get poked in the eye with some kind of instrument. I could not sit still long enough for the nurse to put the drops in my eyes, and she wouldn't let me do it myself. She ended up treating me like a child, attempting to guilt me into doing the test, threatening me because I had signed a permission form, and essentially insulting me. Because of that, I had put off getting my eyes checked for about 4 years.
At TSO in San Marcos, they used equipment that meant I would not have to have my pupils dilated or numbed — no eyedrops. Just a camera to take a photo of the back of my eye and a little gauge thing that felt like little more than a hair in my eye. I was still twitchy about it, but the technician was very patient with me and even laughed with me when I started laughing at myself rather than threatening or insulting me. Dr. Stansfield also very clearly explained the results of all the tests and what everything was, so I felt fully informed about the health of my eyes when I left. I will definitely be going back — and not putting it off another 4 years, either.
– Robin B.
Well the Staff was very friendly and made sure my daughter and I were comfortable. the Dr. did a great job in explaining and listened to all my concerns .  He spoke in simple terms and made me feel he was passionate about finding the right prescription for us … They have a Great amount of different designs of glasses and We walked away with glasses we LOVED.
– Violet H.