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Welcome to Texas State Optical San Marcos

When our owner and optometrist, Dr. Stanfield, was a young boy, his family would vacation in the Texas Hill Country. He fell in love with the weather, rivers and hills and vowed to one day live here.

With his love of people and medicine, Optometry was a great fit. Dr. Stanfield explains; “People are not coming in sick and in general are happy. That makes my job more enjoyable.” Immediately after completing his studies, he started looking for a practice to buy in the Texas Hill Country. The TSO practice in San Marcos, which had originally opened in 1977, came up for sale and he bought it in 1987.

“Eyewear You Want
From Doctors
You Trust”.

His goal was to transform the office to reflect his personality. He recounts that as he visited other offices in his search for a practice to purchase, most, if not all looked run down, little and old. He vowed that he would keep his office up-to-date and modern, with the latest in technology, so the practice could best serve the needs of its patients. As his practice grew through the years, so did his office space.

Frames are a big part of our practice. We carry a very large inventory so that our patients can have a wide variety from which to choose. Frames are like accessories now and come in all different sizes, shapes and colors. We want our patients to enjoy picking out new frames and be excited to wear their glasses. We also want patients to have their choice of the best lenses available, so we carry all types of quality lenses for every eye care need.

Dr. Stanfield concludes: “To me, Texas is the best place to live. That is evident by the growing number of residents in our great state. I believe Central Texas is the best part of Texas, with its hills, lakes and rivers. San Marcos is centrally located between two major cities – Austin and San Antonio – which makes it an ideal place to live, work and play.”

San Marcos Eye Doctor Near Me

Texas State Optical was established in 1936 when the Rogers family opened the first TSO office in Beaumont, Texas. Our founders planned for TSO’s continuous growth and expansion of services, but not without first building a foundation of patient care and quality products that stand the test of time. It became their vision to offer patients convenient locations, qualified Doctors of Optometry and a complete line of competitively priced eyewear that is fashionable and functional. These core values have remained unchanged throughout the years.
Today, the TSO family has grown to become a respected organization of doctor-owned and operated eye care practices in Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas and Oklahoma.

TSO has also earned recognition as the largest single provider of vision insurance plans in Texas and the Southwest. It’s very likely that TSO is a provider for your vision plan. A quick call to the office nearest you can verify that important information.

“We’re not
Texas State Optical
By Chance,
But By Choice”.

When patients need eye care, their first step is a complete doctor’s examination from a doctor they trust. They then turn to a trained TSO optical staff to provide them with eyewear that helps them see and look better. Standards of care throughout TSO include doctors who have earned therapeutic licenses to treat many medical eye care conditions like glaucoma, macular degeneration, cataracts and childhood vision problems. Combining professionalism and personal attention of eye doctors who live and work in your community supports TSO’s promise to our patients to provide “Eyewear you want from doctors you trust”.

We’re proud of our history and excited about the future as we continue to help TSO patients enjoy the best vision possible. After all, we’re not Texas State Optical by chance, but by choice. We’ve grown into our name and will continue to work hard at keeping our patients satisfied and coming back with their family and friends to benefit from TSO’s long tradition of excellence in quality eye care and eyewear.

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